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Pacify Her cover Pacify Her by Melanie Martinez

I think that 'Blue Boy' is attracted to the blonde girl (shown in the video) because if you watch the video at the end he shows him her boobs and throughout the video 'Crybaby' shows obvious signs of liking 'Blue Boy' and 'Blue Boy' shows some signs throughout the video of liking her,basically 'Crybaby' likes 'Blue Boy' but 'Blue Boy' is going out with the blonde girl and 'Crybaby' shows desperate signs of wanting 'Blue Boy' and is quite jealous of the relationship between the blonde girl and 'Blue Boy' and then the blonde girl lures 'Blue Boy' into staying with her by showing him boobs.I had to do a whole project on this song so I just took this paragraph from my book before I went to school yesterday but I just couldn't be bothered to write it all out within the space limits of 5 minutes so sorry if any of the spelling or grammer is a tad bad it's just that this was written very quickly as i'm a fast typer and I don't really look back at what I've written haha.

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