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Waterfall cover Waterfall by Wil.

This song is about a sex-crazed sex-obsessed sex slave male prostitute man whore who has lost himself in the positive idealistic views and perks of sex. He initially loved his supposedly cool lifestyle of earning money having unprotected sex with strangers but one day, found himself with an HIV. Now it’s too late to take back all his actions and to take back his life. In this song, his mom, I think, kind of got over it, but the song really is about warning other people of the consequences of their actions. If you can’t take the repercussions of the act, don’t do it. It’s not worth it. Or at least be careful. And don’t have sex when you have an HIV. Don’t spread it. That’s a crime on its own. Own up to it and just die with twisted integrity and become a symbol for the living. At least leave you loved ones with some honor.

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