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The Watchman's Gone cover The Watchman's Gone by Gordon Lightfoot

Gorgen is an alcoholic this tune is about trying to stay away from the watchman which is alcohol/the devil. Birds of a feather is a reference to alcoholics understanding what each other, as normal people cannot. The golden sun is the path to sobriety, and when your on the path the Watchman gone. The rose is about taking advise about how not to drink and that if you do, it will blossom, in your life. The train is the vehicle that takes him away from sobriety, now the watchman is out, of the bag and kicking the bums (his ass) around. He wants to drink and not be seen by his brothers, hes done it before and can do it in his sleep. He speaks to his brother, another alcoholic, more nothin' to say is the drunken worldly advise drunks give. If you want to be sober beware the watchman (the devil/alcohol) is always there, trying to stop you from staying sober. What ever I was, is a reference to the bad things he knows he said and did while drunk because hes been to town washing the bull shit (booze) down. When the watchman's out, hes drunk, kicking your dreams about. When the watchman's gone your on the road to sobriety.

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