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16 Mirrors cover 16 Mirrors by Alex G

I think that 16 mirrors is the most incredible song in symbolic storytelling. “Let’s get all the years where I was her friend… I thought I lost my heartbeat” plays at the same time as “look at all the mirrors at the bottom of a well…this is a piece of cake working with my hands” the speaker wants to reconnect with someone in their past life, however, at the same time, wants to use their hobbies to cope(perhaps art). Typically when you look down a well you would see an abyss or empty void of darkness. Yet, the speaker points out mirrors. What is abyss replaced with reflection? If anything, it’s the feeling of being trapped. At the end of this song it has repetition of the words “16 mirrors”. There’s a lot of emphasis on the mirrors, as if the speaker is mocked. But who would mock the speaker so much? Probably themselves because of the two lines at once going on.

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