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Sad Beautiful Tragic cover Sad Beautiful Tragic by Taylor Swift

It is what it is, a sad, beautiful, tragic love affair that has come to an end and she's singing to him, she's describing how it feels after all. They live in different cities now, they still haunt each others' thoughts, they don't even speak to each other but one thing is for sure, that they had this kind of relationship exactly described with very few words in the title.

Sparks Fly cover Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift

A love song to let someone know that she's in love with him, that sparks fly every time he smiles, that she feels her knees bending whenever he is around. Obviously, nothing further has happened between them, so she's calling him to be a part of this very romantic scenario she's picturing of: kissing in the rain for the very first time. I like this song, it's fresh and gives out this feeling of romance, far from any trouble or dark thought.

Leave Your Lover cover Leave Your Lover by Sam Smith

Well, that's a sweet one. Two people, probably friends - they appear to go out together, he's close to her when she feels down because of her partner, he's watching these breaking moments of her, he's in love with her in a very silent and discreet way, so he's asking her to break up and be with him.

Nirvana cover Nirvana by Sam Smith

What this song is exactly about is not very clear to me. I could just picture two lovers, not in the best shape ever, drunk or high trying in a room giving in to each other while they know they shouldn't. It's a good tune though, easy to listen to!

Help cover Help by London Grammar

I think this about how jealousy can literally destroy a relationship. He believes to something that she can't define, probably he's suspicious over something and jealous, something that is changing him and frustrating her. She's wondering and deep inside wishing that they could overcome this and be like before. Obviously she needs his help in that...

Hey Now cover Hey Now by London Grammar

The very first reactions and feelings after breaking up, this is the first image crossing my mind while listening to this beautiful song. Destroying things that remind us of who we love and is not a part of our life anymore, wishing that they would feel the same, that they could hear us, simply missing them ...

Stolen Dance cover Stolen Dance by Milky Chance

The way this song is describing the pain caused by the absence of your loved one is so amazing and the music is matching the content in such a unique way. It feels indeed like this, like wanting just to dance and let your mind get away for some time, take it closer to the person you're missing, feel lonely and in pain as you are.

Addicted To You cover Addicted To You by Avicii

What is described in the song is indeed addiction, it's a bit scary I'd say. The melody though is so beautiful and it takes me somewhere, it takes me on nice journey to a warm land, full of love and nostalgia - this is how I picture it. Charming video clip also!

Sweet Disposition cover Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap

I think that this is about the sweet disposition, the beauty, in all these simple moments in our lives. Dreaming, crying, kissing, fighting over wrong or right and all these things that we tend to be more passionate about when we're younger but that, actually, we should always be fond of and maintain.

Moth's Wings cover Moth's Wings by Passion Pit

Oh well, I could definitely dedicate this song to a "dear friend" that I have. It's fantastic how some people can be so confusing, at the same time that they make you happy they can also make you feel completely miserable. It feels like their feet are not both stepping on the same ground but still we're struggling to settle them somewhere, next to us.

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