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Masterhit, Pts. 1 & 2 cover Masterhit, Pts. 1 & 2 by Front 242

I DJ'ed in San Francisco in the "Industrial" period (1988-1991ish). Even met 242 in person at Lipps Underground. The song Masterhit, as I understand it*, is based on an ancient Chinese proverb. In the story there is a master and his pet serpent which is held captive in a enclosure comprised entirely of ice. Like a tall cage of thick ice (owing to the strength and size of said snake). The snake loves his master for the master feeds the serpent usual fare for serpents (warm little beasts he's so fond of). The serpent however wants to know the master more intimately as the pet/master relationship between them is quite friendly. One morning after getting the cold shoulder from the master (even after the serpent expresses a desire to be released from the ice cage), the snake takes it upon himself to melt the ice with his breath in order to finally hug his master. With true affection, the rather large snake hugs his master the way a constrictor would hug anything... Constricting viscous rings and so forth... the last line of song is snake noticing the master seems as tender as the "warm little beasts" he's grown so fond of... So this story works on several levels (i.e. Master point of view, snake point of view, and warm little beast [food] point of view). listen again with this knowledge and it will FINALLY make sense. *as accurate as I can retell from an old memory

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