Upon dropping his latest studio effort “ASTROWORLD,” Travis Scott teams up with Swae Lee and Drake to deliver a brand new hit under then name of “Sicko Mode.” Below we’re going to break down the meaning behind the song while showcasing what Travis Scott, Drake, and Swae Lee want to tell us on the record.

In the song’s Intro, Drake paves the way for Travis by offering his respect for La Flame’s “sicko” ways of working on his craft. As we all know by now, “sicko” is similar to “beast” in Toronto slang, so Drake only means to praise Scott’s work and his artistic presence in the Hip Hop scene.

Sicko Mode Meaning Breakdown

In the first verse, Travis seems to be preparing for his epic mode while getting ready to go to the booth to record. As the rapper mentioned in the following lines, Scott appears to be getting a lot of his artistic influences from his fans. His impact on the culture right now is so enormous he gets escorted by police for his concerts.

Had to hit my old town to duck the news
Two-four hour lockdown, we made no moves

SICKO MODE Lyrics by Travis Scott, Drake, Swae Lee

In continuation of the first lines, the rapper suggests that ever since the media started to become interested in him, he fled Los Angeles for his hometown Missouri City, Texas, which allowed him to duck a lot of attention. But now he’s back in town, ready to supply us with new music as he enjoys the benefits of being famous.

In the bridge Swae Lee (accompanied by Big Hawk) seem to be taking shots at those who doubted them in the beginning. Now, the rappers are coming to attack the Rap game with Travis leading them while their adversaries are being warned not to play the trio for weak. Verse two comes with La Flame telling us that he only follows his guidelines and that he feels no pressure from the competition since his presence in the culture shouldn’t be doubted.

Scott and Kylie’s Story

Scott seems to be telling the story of how he and his baby mama Kylie Jenner became a couple. Kylie FaceTimed the rapper, and they met up somewhere in secret. The chemistry was so powerful that they didn’t even get to the bedroom, according to Travis.

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Drake in Sicko Mode via YouTube

Drake, Fueled With Motivated

In verse three, Drake tells us that he’s still motivated and still looking to put his print in the Rap game. Even if his schedule is absolute madness since he spends most of his life on planes flying all over the world, the Toronto rapper is still motivated to settle some past feuds. Most likely, Drake is taking a subliminal shot at Kanye West and Pusha T in his verse.

Lost my respect, you not a threat
When I shoot my shot, that s*** wetty like I’m Sheck (b****!)
See the shots that I took (ayy), wet like I’m Book (ayy)

SICKO MODE Lyrics by Travis Scott, Drake, Swae Lee

In verse four, Travis hints that he’s still in touch with his old homies despite the fame and that he always looks out for them. Yet, Travis back on his business while living the life and doing what he does best. Even if the situation is slightly different now since he has a daughter and a baby mama, Scott continues to put 100% into his art while surprising his fans every chance he gets.