Energy by Drake
Energy by Drake via YouTube

Being released as the second single from the platinum album “If you’re reading this it’s too late“, “Energy” is aiming to put the spotlight on the negative side of fame with people always looking to drag down Drake and constantly attempting to stop his career’s prosperity.  The song that later on received a graphic set of visuals also underlines the 6 God‘s awareness of the pressure coming from the media along with his constant concern for safety when it comes to music rivals but not only.

Drake – Energy Music Video

Where does Drake Focus his Energy?

As we can clearly sense in the first verse, Drake’s way of seeing things is beyond realistic because the rapper doesn’t find a point in spending his time online while fueling senseless drama however he’s extremely focused on solving real issues related to family, friends, and business. The main idea is developed further in the second verse because Drake tells us that maintaining a healthy social life with normal actives also takes a lot of effort being in his position.

Take an Honest Look

While people are putting everything he does under a microscope the Toronto native is sincerely asking everyone to take an honest look at their current situation and worry about their life. Either way, the rapper is not worried about his enemies because he’s well protected no matter where he is and all the talking stops when real-life encounters take place. In the end, he pays no attention to what goes behind the curtains and chooses to conserve his energy for doing what he does best.