Thoughts about songs with #Possessiveness

Selfish cover Selfish by Justin Timberlake

In this captivating track, the artist expresses an intense desire and possessiveness for his significant other. He acknowledges his jealousy and self-centeredness, admitting that he wants every bit of her to himself. His feelings are so deep that he can't bear the thought of anyone else taking his place. The lyrics also highlight his admiration for her beauty, comparing her to an angel and expressing gratitude for her existence. Despite understanding that his intense emotions might not be healthy, he doesn't want to fight them. The song is a raw confession of love mixed with human insecurities, showing how powerful love can be when it takes hold of one's heart. #Love #Jealousy #Possessiveness

Your Friends cover Your Friends by Hunxho

In this emotive track, Hunxho expresses his concerns about the company his love interest keeps. He questions her choices, implying that her friends lack ambition and are potentially harmful to their relationship. The repeated questioning of "What you doing? Where you been?" suggests a sense of possessiveness and insecurity. Despite this, he also showcases his devotion by offering an alternative life filled with luxury and commitment. He is committed to achieving success, as indicated by his reference to "tryna make this Grammy." However, he feels threatened by the influence of her friends, fearing they might jeopardize their relationship. 🎶 #Jealousy #Possessiveness #RelationshipStruggles #Ambition

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