I'm a Stunna
I'm a Stunna

I'm a Stunna Lyrics Meanings
by Birdman

Dec 11, 2007
I'm a Stunna Music Video

I'm a Stunna Lyrics

[Chorus: x2]
Bitch I'ma stunner, a rap hunter
I'm just a nigga with a whole lot of money
Bitch I'ma stunner, a rap hunter
Its M.O.B. with this money and the power

We don't move them O's nigga we move 'em whole
Gotta the game from G's nigga straight off the floor
Uptown nigga with this uptown soul
Flip a ice mink, drive a red Rov
Hung up in the kitchen got it heavy on the low
Hustle from the front straight to the back door
Moeny like trees flippin' these tree's
Bitches all over cause they know we got cheese
Ride for M.O.B thats how it be
Cook a whole key let it fly in the streets
Ball like a motherfucker condo on the beach
Thats how we livin' with the gators on the seats

[Chorus: x2]

We put that marble on the floor cause we shine countin' dough
Them niggas act like hoes we let 'em all go
Comin' out the ceilin' with this chopper and the dope
Stuntin' on these bitches in the Bentley for door
Half a bird nigga with this ounce ass hoe
Poppin' at the mouth like his head cant blow
Baby momma drama she was born in the you
I was born in the milf, got the game out to Nolia
13 best and I come up out of Ness
Coochie Marley hold me down I love my set
KC put me on to my first dollar
I was 16 years old with a mill and a chopper

[Chorus: x2]

City full of murder nigga thats what we know
Fuck 'em if we gotta go then we gotta go
Cash in quick nigga, hustle for the licks
At the same time nigga flip a whole brick
Same nigga poppin', same nigga same shit
Money ain't long nigga bitches ain't shit
G4, Lamb, Maserati is the shit
From the bottom to the top with a bad bitch
Its my round now, wont them nigga come 'round
Tommy gun banana clips make a loud sound
Brand new crib and we built it from the ground
75 carrots and we blowin out the pound

[Chorus: x2]

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