B.O.W. cover
B.O.W. cover

B.O.W. Lyrics Meanings
by Bow Wow

Dirty South

B.O.W. Lyrics


I just thought I'd breathe on you all for a second
Matter a fact
Lemme holla at you all

Make girls fall out
Lose they mind
Girl fighting over me like Brooke Valentine (ha, ha)
I Been known get down and do my thing
Got women over 35
Screaming my name (Bow Wow)
Flow so insane
Every time I drop
Making hits after hits
I won't stop (no)
Lil Kids to adults
Rapping my songs
If you though JD wrote this
You wrong (it's me)
If you ask me how I'm living
I'll tell you I'm great
Money stacks taller than the Empire State (damn)
Hottest thing since the LL and Kool Moe beef
You can line them guys up
But I put 'em to sleep (that's right)
I'm the B-O-W (Who?)
And these cats know how it go
Since 13 I've been known for bumping out that steam
Ain't nothing changed homeboy
I'm still bringing the heat

[Chorus: x2]
And I got a
Pocket full of dough
Sold out shows
Stepping out the Phantom
With the suicide do's
Yeah (I'm Bow)
I'm the B-O-W

I'm known as the low key don
Get up out the stores like Pokemon
Did (ha, ha)
I ain't impressed by the stuff that you all did
The stuff that you all did
I'm way beyond it (uh huh)
I'm in the Phantom
Hop out handsome
Can't nobody do it like my grand mama grandson (naw)
Rock shades and some Bathing Apes
New cars every time they changing shapes
I had cake before
I got a lot more
Way before I did the first scream tour (damn)
Whole crowd roar
Whole team soar
Bring it up the back and my whole team score (that's right)
Might scoop shorty take her with me to the mall
Spend a few G's
Show her how a player ball (oww)
Hit her later show her how a player call
I got it on smash I ain't worried
Cause I got a


[Repeat: x2]
All my people on the left
All my people on the right
All my people in the middle
Up top
Bow Wow


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B.O.W. Meanings

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