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My Hoodlums & My Thugz
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My Hoodlums & My Thugz Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
[Chorus: x2]
This is for my thugs
Quick to throw slugs
Never was, push and shove
Gang bangin` drug dealers
Hoo-bangin` mug {niggaz}
Penitentiary love {niggaz}
Verse 2
[Mack 10]
I was raised Q-S`ing, shootin` through your vest and
Quick to redrum and hit water when I`m stressing
Was set, and if I don`t, they know who done it
'Cause out of bound {niggaz}, they get killed on the 400
Verse 3
Killa ki`s off blood, no debatin` or contemplatin`
I got a stock 64 that`s waitin` on these Dayton`s
So trip if ya want to, catch ya slippin`, you`se a goner
And respect the street signs next time you`re bankin` corners
Verse 4
Do what I say once, don`t make me say it twice
Just give me what I want and everything`ll be alright
I`m gettin` it while the gettin` is good
And if you was in my shoes, I know that you would
Verse 5
I got expensive habits, I`m buyin` bud by the pound
Since dub S-see D, everybody want to be down
We hoo-bangin` on the white and the blue collars
We rollin` Benz-o`s and Lex-o`s by the dollars
Verse 6
Woo woo, blue flag tied on my face
In a twin turbo Porche with a glock in my waste
Woo woo, if it`s a problem we gon` squeeze `til empty
We used to flip it on T, but now we flip it on ?
Verse 7
Woo woo, ain`t no {nigga} harder than me
Hit the yard harder than me, got the yay harder than me
Woo woo, thug {niggaz} rule the earth
We on The Source in Dickies throwin` up the turf
Verse 8
[Chorus: x2]
Verse 9
[Mack 10]
I know how to do things one way, and that`s illegal
Pullin` two ? and murders out a primed gray Regal
I was taught to get in and out, do what I do fast
Sigh, call up that {bitch} dog, and hit rub on they ass
Verse 10
Next week I`m in Vegas like Dan Tanna, and I
Wipe my finger prints off with my bandana
Make sure it`s all clean, then fled the scene
I keep it cold blooded, mean
And do it all for the green
Verse 11
[unknown] system, mine`s control
Pockets on swole and I`m fresh off parole
It ain`t no limit to my mashin`
I got weed, caviar, and money in my stash
Verse 12
And laughin`, blastin` wit my foot on the gas
And movin` fast and it`s all about the cash
And havin` cheddar, with that 23rd letter
Nobody do it better, you know better, you do better {nigga}
Verse 13
Get around in the penitentiary
Born in, drinkin` Hennessy (cousin)
But he no kin to me (cousin)
But he friend to me
Verse 14
Down since elementary, with {niggaz} with tattoos
Kidnapped moves and jack moves, crack rules
In the urban area, servin` crackers with ready rock
Bassheads plague in every spot 'cause it`s very hot
Verse 15
In the ghetto, we`re wetter, we`re rockin` Karate like Mister Miaki
Afford Gionni Versace, and wide bodies with the V`s on `em
Chromes with G`s on `em, she`s on the left 'cause he`s on `em
Some say that I`m loc`d and I`m wild
Verse 16
Because I made my bread with coke and a smile
I ain`t loc`d in a while
I`m hittin` corners in heels and caronas
Squeezin` lime inside of Carona`s with Ramona from Arizona
Verse 17
And I`m smokin` on a ??, paid in the worst way
Real {niggaz} spill a little liquor to the dirt man
Verse 18
[Chorus: x2]

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