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Oh, Doctor Jesus
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Oh, Doctor Jesus Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Serena: (kneeling)
Oh, doctor Jesus, who done trouble de water in de Sea of Gallerie.
Verse 2
Porgy: Amen!
Verse 3
Serena: And likewise who done cas' de devil out of de afflicted time
an' time again.
Verse 4
Porgy: Time an' time again.
Verse 5
Peter: Oh, my Jesus!
Verse 6
Serena: Oh, doctor Jesus, what make you ain' lay yo' han' on dis po'
sister head?
Verse 7
Lily: Oh, my father!
Verse 8
Serena: And chase de devil out of her down a steep place into de sea
like you used to do time an' time again.
Verse 9
Porgy: Time an' time again. Oh, my Jesus!
Verse 10
Serena: Lif' dis po' cripple up out of de dus'!
Verse 11
Porgy: Allelujah!
Verse 12
Serena: And lift up his woman an' make her well time an' time again,
an' save us all for Jesus sake, Amen.
Verse 13
Porgy and Peter: Amen.
Verse 14
Serena: All right. Now, Porgy, Doctor Jesus done take de case.
By five o'clock dat woman goin' be well.
(It is now full morning and Catfish Row is full
of activity with street vendors calling.)

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