MIC CHECK Lyrics Meanings
by Giggs, Jadakiss


We're taking everything, they say
Jahlil Beats, holler at me

Yeah, nigga, mic check, check
Left right and then it's right left, yeah
Front step it and I'm light step
Guess clizzy and a hype pet
Pet, crash dummy, niggas try test
Guess, feet funny, nigga, slide left
Yeah, same funny niggas digest
When, man bust it in your guy's chest, fire
Straight cookin' that you guys chef, chef
Street cookin' I'm a slight chef, yes
Big bookie, nigga, wireless, swing
Quick hook it then it's my cash
Woo, yeah (Let's go), who let the gang out? (yeah)
We be them niggas, nigga, respect the bang now (bang now)
Anywhere's Peckham where Peckham niggas hang out (straight)
Niggas'll bring it and I brought every man out
Can't take all the credit for how them figures pan out
Bottle the plan up, and nigga, this the plan out (yeah)
She wants a picture but scared to let the fan out
Hold up the shredder, she wanna let the cry out (haha)
Pick the stick up
You get stuck up (stuck up), this a stick-up
Money and pussy, my nigga, get the liquor (yeah)
We get the millions, my bro, a nigga richer (yeah)
Fuck all the bickering, watch the niggas bicker
You ain't on nothin', that age you're even thicker
Man are all crackers, and shit, I've seen the picture
He need a blessing, that nigga need a vicar
Them evil niggas, them make me even sicker
Tried to light weed up and then they keep it clique up
Man'll get jacked on them niggas, meet the ripper
Man ain't got jack on my drip and he's a dripper (switch it)
Yeah, mack daddy hate
From that aggy place
Names that mad, he wait (wait)
That brudda's bait (bait)
Boom boom, that brother's dead
Bag the shottas, grab the cutters (grab the cutters), bag of nutters
Even when ridin', make sure to break apart
Man are just haters, my niggas never sucker (never sucker)

Mic check (one, two)
Mic check (one, two, one, two)
Just do it with the razor, that's a knife check (switch up)
Leave 'em on the respirator, that's a life check (woo)
Tell a district attorney she got a nice neck (haha)
Might cut away (cut), just cut away (cut)
One thing you will never see is another day (nah)
I hit the blunt slow and fall back
Your loved ones in the front row in all black (right there)
Keep your eyes on 'em 'cause we gotta sting 'em (uh)
From the United States to the United Kingdom (mmh)
Just as long as you don't tell shit (yeah)
Violators will get dealt with (uh-huh)
When I'm countin' up, this a safe party
Bunch of stars on the roof, that's a Wraith party
Team of lawyers that'll get rid of the case for me
Lil' nigga that'll shoot you in the face for me (boom boom)

Writer(s): Nathaniel Thompson, Jason Phillips, Orlando Jahlil Tucker
Copyright(s): Lyrics © BMG Rights Management
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

MIC CHECK Meanings

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