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Radio Lyrics Meanings
by Jurassic 5


Radio Lyrics

Many, many moons ago
Jurassic 5
Began their quest
To put real hip hop on the radio

Now here's a little story that must be heard
About the brother with the word sounds so superb
It started way back with these emcees
Now here's a little something on the history

I'm a H-I-P H-O-P H-E-A-D, been since one-nine-eight-three
Are to the A-P-P-I-N
Eighty-four was the year I picked up the pen
At the same time breaking tryin' to come on in
But I was already in since way back when
One-nine-seven-five, the saga began
Are to the O-be-O-T-I-N
Eighty-one I was P-O-P-P-I-N
One-nine-eighty-two D-J-in
Eighty-three it was all about Run-DMC man
A gang banger taught me how to break dance then
The same year I picked up the pen
And wrote my first rhyme and got that feelin'
And now I'm here in the flesh still dope still death
Tryin' to get my song (rockin' on the radio)

The summertime yo we would hang out
And talk about the new jam that came out
And from the way the beat was laid out
And all the emcees had turned the place out
And we would say our rhymes to the beat
Right but we never indulged in the street
Life and now we all good to go
J5 is rockin' on the radio

Yo I was an inner-city nigga in my room I'd sit
Poppin' off quick cause I could sing a little bit
With my hi-top fade and matchin' outfits
But once the record hit it's like listen to this
Hip hop is the reason that a brother evolved
And I was so involved I ain't gonna lie to none a y'all
By the time I started rhymin' in the late eighties
The drugs in Cali was crazy

[Chali 2na]
Nine-teen eighty
Nine's the number this is the summer
On some get rich come up Quest switch the drum up
Invested some of my best years because of
Then I repped with some of the best kids that done it
My love dates back to show, that's incredible
Brothers who lack revenue spent on they back several
Times It made me know which way to go
And now (Jurassic is rockin' on the Radio)


[All Together]
I got my mind on back in the day
The style a dress and the records they play
Reminisce I got somethin' to say
Check it out cause it went this way cause it went this way

[Mark 7even]
The year was eighty-two and the block was froze
When I stepped out rockin burgundy shell-toes
A fresh mock-neck and some new Lee jeans
Add a pair a Gazelles and well you know what I mean
DJ Red Alert and Mr. Magic had static
Over Kiss FM and BLS which one is the baddest
Brothers on the block was doin' the Wop
While the cars drove by bumpin' real hip hop
The vibe and the feelin' was oh so real
We held it oh so dear so brother don't go there
Fat Boys Cold Crush Force MC's
All showed me how to really be a real emcee
From the Yes Yes y'alls to the Ladies say Ho
I can't believe my jam is (rockin' on the radio)

From the Yes Yes y'alls to the Ladies say Ho
I can't believe my jam (rockin' on the radio)


J5 is rockin' on the radio
J5 is rockin' on the radio

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