Meadow Lyrics Meanings
by Kkid Menace

Oct 9, 2021
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Meadow Lyrics

Since you only hear me on tracks I want you to give me my jacket back

I ain't tell you that you could keep it
I tell you I'm free next weekend just bring it
Just pick a time and We'll meet up
I Met a new you and better you but its best if I just keep her a secret
Don't wanna reconnect and open the flesh wounds that still healing
I ain't bleeding baby but you know how these bitches be crazy
Lie and say that they on birth control in 9 months having ya baby
I don't wanna friendship cause we just gonna be pretending til we end it
And all that time we'd be spending be filled with venting and sending mixed signals
Keeping it simple
I say we was just some kids in the middle of something little but brittle
You like a riddle with nipples
You like a nigga who civil
Not a thug with no love
You like it malcom in middle
The outcome bound to be fickle
I can't outrun all my issues
Can't overcome with just tissues
I needed more when I missed you
Needed my torch and my weed too
Get me a zip and a key too
Blunt to my lips and I breathe through
But I still don't wanna see you
Like a preview that's coming soon

You done turned me to my sick side
My 666 side
That fuck a bitch than dip side
The shit I don't wanna do but I do when I'm in the mood
Wish we never had met at school
But we did I regret it too
Putting you on pedestal
Had me putting my mental through
All these hoops like a circus fool
No one perfect I'm working too
Close the curtains before they boo
Ain't deserve what you put me through
Call me nervous a virgin too
Call me worthless a burden too
I ain't hurting just burning through
All my patience just pacing rooms
It's amazing what love could do
I ain't love you like husbands do
Like I got love for my niggas
And all my niggas still love me too
Giannis on the mantel
Now you see what a buck could do
Steven making reasons not to trust him
So fuck him too
If he wanting something too
Than I got my team in 2
My team is living proof we could fill swimming pools with hunneds or only 2s
My Gunners do what gunna do fore he dropped the drip or drown 2
My numbers do what commas do when payday is comin soon
My niggas do what I tell em to whenever I want them to
I call em they follow like deathly hollows we move like we in the shadows
No matter the fight or battle bring guns and knives for the travel
We coming through like bullets going through barrels
We come in two like a 1 standing next to a couple zeros
We come at you like racists do when we go to Cracker Barrel
You see me like tv screens but now I need to change my channel
Real nigga Wassup

Writer(s): Kielan Stewart
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Meadow Meanings

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