Hip Hop Locos cover
Hip Hop Locos cover

Hip Hop Locos Lyrics Meanings
by Lighter Shade of Brown


Hip Hop Locos Lyrics

You might ask is why we call ourselves the hip hop locos
Baking like Boston beans fartin out our vocals
No laxative for the shit that we get
So pass it on to Mike you Mikey he likes it
Others disapprove of the move that we swing
Not a brown underground thing not a pop thing
Yo you gotta come hard hey yo we in their face
I switch pop to hip hop to pop both ways
Versatile some should learn the definition
If money is the key then sucka why you dissin
The rap scene is hectic when it ends from when it starts
But most rap groups today are found on the pop charts
don't get us wrong we prefer the funk better
But a job is a job for the real go getter
Standing in the spotlight here come the bros
Throwing down with the brown on the hip hop locos

Chorus 2x
Hippity hop what?
The hippity hop locos
Hippity hop what?
The hippity hop locos

Once again its on never the same old song
cause me and my boy you know that we got it going on
Listen to while I flow
Got the skills to let em know
So let me be the one that was the one
Who told you so check it
Most didn't think we could flow rhymes
Excite write produce the whole 9
I don't want to respect cause I get mine
You got static raise up cause its fight time
I'm the beginning to end you gets no win
I put my fist to your chin you working
Pound for pound I hold my own when I come around
So ain't nothin but a come up when I'm throwin down
Like this like that spit game when I rap
Got back to bum rush and filled your cap
So everybody gather round and peep the vocal
Its the D also known as the hip hop locos

Chorus 3.5X

Versatile some should learn the definition 3x
I switch pop to hip hop to pop both ways
Versatile some should learn the definition 3x
I switch pop to hip hop to pop both ways

Now the brothers help me out on the side with my rap skills
Did what I had to do now its time to show you the deal
Never rap on the mic intoxicated
I might of hit the drink but the crew you know I can't fade it
19 years old and I never in the twelfth
For me being a loco I had to go myself
>From Santa Ana the city that gave me my pride
I kicked it and I chilled with the homies on the Westside
Born and raised a baby Latin with my little Latin friends
Thinking of ways so that we could make ends
Always stuck to hip hop cause hip hop won't flop
So let us swing our thing and let it rain like a rain drop
Snap back go pop cause the shop has been rocked
With a style that they call a hipper shade of hip hop
Goes out to those both friends and foes
As we close
Ugh..The hip hop locos

Chorus until end

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Hip Hop Locos Meanings

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