Testimony cover
Testimony cover

Testimony Lyrics Meanings
by Luh Soldier


Testimony Lyrics

Verse 1: Woke up this morning brush my teeth lil bro pulled up in a Magnum He want that work I'm trying to see like if I'm really gon tax him I cut the price he gon come back and so I can move like a phantom And if you trappin you'll relate Luh Soldier making an anthem Finesse and elevate little nigga motivation for hustle Say how you really hang with squares little boy you know they some busters I spit the truth and that's a fact it aint no cap in my campaign I pray I stay afloat these niggas just trying to maintain Stop trying to double back and get money you niggas trippin bad I'm sleeping with my pistol for niggas that wanna do my bad I know them boys been watching but fuck it we gotta get it gone If you aint about no money then why the fuck would you hit my phone Why these niggas frauding I'm trying to see why they wanna cop You know we not on terms when I catch you aint finna give you dap Don't think just cause I rap I won't pop them I do my own dirt You niggas taking up for a nigga go get your own work
Hook: Testimony to the streets I wanna make it happen Who bout that action where your profit dawg who really trappin Testimony to the streets I did this for the trappers Pick up your scale turn on your flicker this your fucking anthem
Verse 2: Money is the motive little nigga I'm trying to tell you now If you aint got no money then listen it's time to figure out You say you got a hustle well let me know when you making money Capping for they whole reality these niggas really bummy Didn't have no meal I had a pistol and a dream Didn't have no dollar to my name I had to pull a couple screams I'm in that mode I feel like Gucci back in 04 I'm trappin out of state all through LA fucking with Lonzo I aint no Laker if anything bitch I'm a Pacer Got folks in Indiana touch the package we gon face ya End of discussion I never was a stand up a kid I sit and mind my business I feel like a Gangsta I aint for show no need for fucking witness Co defendant was your partner but he pulled your card These niggas pussy who gon step cause I'mma stomp the yard Came out the trap aint trying to sleep it aint no need for beds Feeling like Gucci bitch I'm juggin trying to buss ya head

Writer(s): Luh Soldier
Copyright(s): Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
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Testimony Meanings

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