Get Back to the Wild cover
Get Back to the Wild cover

Get Back to the Wild Lyrics Meanings
by M. Lockwood Porter

Get Back to the Wild Lyrics

Get Back to the Wild
I still remember skipping stones upon the muddy banks of youth
That's when the wildness flowed within me like an artery of truth
I used to guide my car down barren highways late into the night
In pursuit of some salvation or a brilliant flash of light
It's been an Odyssey upon the sea of capital and fear
Where the market and the state conspire to grind you in the gears
But now the freedom's buzzing round me like the wisdom of a child
I never thought it'd take so many years to get back to the wild

Once I went to the revival to get closer to the Lord
But only found the serpent preacher spreading sickness with his words
At first, I listened to his story and it helped me to get by
But I was just listing all the things I want to do before I die
Well, every father's generation plots how its sons will be killed
Yet always Isaac follows Abraham so calmly up the hill
But there was something stirring deep inside those years I was exiled
I never thought it'd take so many years to get back to the wild

I can't tell you where this dirty path I'm walking on will lead
It's all covered up in brambles, and it's overgrown with weeds
Well, now the days are full of danger, anxiety and doubt
But I know we're all born with flames inside the world wants to blow out
So I've been grinding down my jaw, and I've been tightening my chest
I've been revealing all my deepest fears and saying it's in jest
But all this silent desperation's just the cost of being free
Behold the reckoning for violence too invisible to see

I see the ministers and the managers they prepared for this in school
I see another comet coming and they're all loading up on fuel
I see the publicists and prophets stand there sneering in the void
I see the waiters and the drivers watch and wait to be destroyed
I see the beast inside its cage and hear it roaring at the sky
I see that there are ancient passions in our blood that never die
I see a hastening reparation for the nature we defiled
I never thought it'd take so many years to get back to the wild

Writer(s): Max Lockwood Porter
Copyright(s): Lyrics © BLACK MESA RECORDS
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Get Back to the Wild Meanings

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