Schumacher Lyrics Meanings
by Mai Lan

Sep 10, 2012
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Schumacher Lyrics

There's a girl, on her solo walks, she likes to go tirelessly down to the beach
She's in love and she will never give up cause all she wants is you. Not easy to reach.

If she had the answer
Would you like it better?

She keeps on looking for the right way to be, got to be pretty enough, so she goes to the beach
She keeps on looking for the reasons why she can't stop thinking about it and do anything bout it

Hooo don't wanna see all
What i've been made for
Just wanna please you and be what you want
Nooo don't wanna miss all
My future for sure
Just wanna be like you like

Hooo don't wanna see all
What i've been made for
Don't wanna be around without you baby
Nooo don't wanna miss all
My dreams and for sure
Just wanna be like you like

Walking down the
Down the way she
Way she goes ti
Goes tirelessly
Lessely to the
To the guess what?
Hey to the beach!

It's stuck in her hands
And it's
Stuck in her legs she can't
Help/ going there like she was cursed by a witch

Just like for candy bars
A you-holic ho

Got to be pretty so she gets a little freaky when goes, on and on, inevitably to the beach.
You care not. To you she means not. Just just another bitch bitch bitch


Ho if we were husband and wife
Would you please hold my hands and look in my eyes
I can be special, I want a be what you like
And if you want me to I'll ruin my life

beach beach beach beach beach beach...

We would love each other
And be sure about it
I would kiss your shoulders
On your knees I would sit

I would take care of ya
When you're down, if you're sick
I would cook the dinner
All your clothes I would knit

Me and you forever
You and me and that's it
For worse or for better
Our grave I would dig

You would like me better
You'd be a me-holic
and find me pretty, that's why I go to the beach!


Writer(s): Max LABARTHE, Mai-Lan CHAPIRON
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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