Step Thru
Step Thru

Step Thru Lyrics Meanings
by ROC, Mickey Factz

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Step Thru Lyrics

Mama told me I could take it here
Stay dedicated, work hard, don't ever fake it dear
So let me make it clear, I'm here for the long haul
Fiyah pon di ganja, I get busy like Sean Paul
As I'm steady reachin' for the top of the totem pole
I play the right cards, always know when to fold 'em though
You rappin' hittas gon' have to get a vocation
When I take y'all out the game like academic probation
Better give me dap, in the cut with Mickey Factz
All you suckas putty in our hands like some Sticky Tack
Pan African, spittin' some grand pathogens
Choke the competition out until they can't rap again
Your man's saccharine, I'm here with the gas
Anybody comin' sideways disappear in a flash
Word is bond little homie, it's 'nuff respect due
When these brothers step through

It's Mickey!
Cognac in my flask while I write a verse
You can't get a sample homie, gotta buy it first
The fire burst, it's the black rap Wyatt Earp
I'm the truth, I don't know how these liars work
My lady tell me everyday that my time comin'
Be wise when it does and don't sign nothin'
I'm in the mirror daily, I'm tryna find somethin'
The grind's numbin', but I work like I'm job huntin'
I'm not defined by the clothes I wear
Or the shows I tear down when I roll out here
No doubt, it's 'bout the legacy I'm leaving behind
Rappin' 'bout a bunch of nothin', just keepin' me blind
I read one day if you seek you will find
We use ten percent of our brain, I need peace in my mind
And a piece of my mind, I'm just eager to shine
Step through with the sneakers you tied

Writer(s): Mark Williams, Rocky VanDergriff
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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