Shakedown Lyrics Meanings
by Roscoe

May 29, 2003
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Shakedown Lyrics

Yeah baby I hope your thirsty
Cus this is another one of those
Young Roscoe the sodo LT Hutton concotion, toxins

Roscoe tabaso the sodo know
With hits like these I will never go broke
17, no longer seldom seen
I'm takin over every spring every magazine
I go through with a limp limpin, big pimpin
No simpin, YA
Bumpin, shufflin through the highway
You rollin with me, we gone do it my way
Crispy khaki sag down to the mud
Twist a zig zag and smoke with ya boy
Cus I just love smokin bud
Take a big drag and smoke with ya boy
Phony cat, blow me back
Scodie mack, he can't hold me back
Ladies strip and make this half an hour
Drivework to trip, I want to see ya'll

Shake, Shake, Shakedown

Verse two, patience is a virtue
But not when young the sodo swirve through
Like her, her and her too
Young doin it live with no curfew
Why hop drop in a drop top roll with the top dropped
To get ya pop popped boom
Blow me down dot com
Whenever you find time log on
Bustas want beef, must not value front teet
Please believe I leave you gon
I came in the door, said it before
Tryin to have fun what you tweakin on?
YA for life we loced out, no doubt
Scoe dizzle where my nizzle fo shizzle
We're all young and we're all off the hizzle
With LTizzle with Hizzle
Doin it like thizzle now it's official, c'mon

Shake, Shake, Shakedown

My twoway's full of emails from gullable females
I pimp to only charge retail
Now shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I hate snakes and fakes
?? apartment, watch the carpet
Take it off, now throw it in the close
We gone get this party started
Done forget that we're starvin artist
I get it crackin, constantly mackin
Tryin to get the whole world finding me rappin
So when I dropt that, cop that
Now ain't no spoof for tryin to recoop
Catch me rollin in a '63 coupe, OG like Snoop
Sick with the flow, gettin rich with flow
Grabbin my d--- with the flow, c'mon now

Shake, Shake, Shakedown...

LA, New York, Philly Philly
Detroit, Miaimi, ATL
The Carolinas, New Orleans, St Louis, Houston
Yeah Anybody else I forgot
I didn't forget about you
You be straight to this anyway
Yeah, Shake down
Holla back

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