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Problems cover Problems by Mother Mother

*Personal interpretation: I believe this song is about someone who is befriending someone almost opposite to them. BDSM has been implied in previous songs by Mother Mother (see "Bit By Bit" and "Verbatim"), as it is here (e,g., "I've found love in the strangest place, tied up and branded locked in a cage" is a good example of bondage and "They get the ball on me, I do forget the chains" ballgag and use of chains perhaps?). This person the singer is befriending/trying to get a date with is not accustomed to the singer's lack of social skills ("I've got problems, not just the ones that are little. They're people problems" Also see: "Get out the Way" about being anti social). The relationship between the artist and the person they're singing about is undefined, either platonic or romantic.

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