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positions cover positions by Ariana Grande

I agree @t99man. I have been listening to this song for a while now and never picked it up. This single from Ariana apparently has a double meaning. On the surface, most people like myself would think it has to do with a sexual relationship and doing what it takes to please your partner. On the other hand, the song can also be interpreted as a woman empowerment song as women are switching into powerful positions that were previously reserved for men (as seen in the music video).

It Wasnt Me cover It Wasnt Me by Shaggy

I found this interesting film created by Vice which takes us back in time and explains the meaning of this hit song "It wasn't me". The video also tells the story behind how the song was composed then shelved, but luckily got released after a series of lucky coincidences.

The Bigger Picture cover The Bigger Picture by Lil Baby

Following the George Floyd protests, Lil Baby shares "The Bigger Picture" by telling us his experiences with racism and police brutality in his own hometown in Atlanta. He now turns to activism in an effort to affect change. For a little more insight check out this article -

Lil Baby Shares New Song “The Bigger Picture”

The Atlanta rapper released the song in response to the national protests over police brutality

Farewell cover Farewell by UNKLE ft. Eska, Keaton Henson, Elliott Power, YSÉE , Steven Young, Liela Moss, Dhani Harrison, Mink

@sherifholly I'll give it a shot. I envision this being the words of an infant that has just been born and only knows the comfort of a mother's love. A love that is unconditional and never-ending regardless of the wrongdoings of a child. Seeing, walking and runnings could represent the stages of life from baby to child to teenager. Another way to say "crawl, walk, run". In the end, this is open for interpretation, but I do feel a deep love in the story.

This Is America cover This Is America by Childish Gambino

With the racial climate now surfacing in American, the meaning of this song has become more relevant than ever. Alana Yzola from Insider did a great job revealing a ton of hidden messages throughout the music video and the song lyrics in general. Take look -

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