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Heaven cover Heaven by Emeli Sandé

The writer is facing trials from day to day events despite their "intentions" - morals or values. Leaving them to forfeit being what they deem to be good, or apart of their personality to cope, survive or adjust

Six Degrees of Separation cover Six Degrees of Separation by The Script

The artiste took the principles of psychology and injected it in this song. With the use of the words "meditate", "hypnotize" more so writing the songs along the concept of "The 5 Stages of grief" - denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. But also seeking counselling and confiding in friends to gather support while going through ... a seperation

Take Me to Church cover Take Me to Church by Hozier

One of the most controversial songs to have surfaced in my playlist. The context of religion, love, and desecration of faith is far too prevalent to ignore. More so coupled with the sensitive yet still artful video you'll find yourself dissecting every lyric. Firstly the artiste suggests conflict between his religious devotion vs whomever or whatever he terms as "she". Heavily perturbed he retreats to church weekly yet still feels judged or persecuted for the way he is and this is why he retracts to "her". Her acceptance leads him to meet her sacrificial demands, burying himself to meet her approval, hence the verse " a fine looking high horse", forfeiting his pride. Then only in his sinful act under no judgement does he feel human

Chandelier cover Chandelier by Sia

The sole verse that refrains this song from becoming a girl's night out anthem: "here comes the shame". Sia constructs a high and lively, gotta sing to the beat song yet still suggesting turmoil in her backstory when you hear " Feel my tears as they dry". With lyrics surrounding careless freedom it's easy to visualize the artist having a wild night but then she slips in the reality of shame, and remorse.

Elastic Heart cover Elastic Heart by The Weeknd, Diplo, Sia

Initially, hearing the term "elastic heart" immediately suggested endurance to me, so I was happily singing this song until it finally dawned on me the underline theme of tolerance and being "stretched" to a breaking point. It's an easily relatable song for the heartbroken and dwindling relationships. Her reference to "another one bites the dust " suggesting death or closing as she transitions from a partner which was immediately followed by " It's hard to lose a chosen one"

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