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Say My Name cover Say My Name by ODESZA ft. Zyra

I think It's about the loss of her innocence, he's your average typical jerk off (nothing special about him what-so-ever) and she's a beautiful innocent butterfly with dreams and a pure soul. He tells her what he thinks she wants to hear (puts on a show) for the world to see, when all along she was in love with the idea of him "beauty in the broken" Like those innocent fantacy fairytales we're told when we're little, in her is this purity and innocence that no one can have except herself. She believes in the good in people and the world and he wants to take that from her because he lacks that color in his crayon box. And no mediocre man can ever have/take her beautiful soul. In the end good always triumphs evil. A naturally kindhearted soul will always win, even if it means she has to wear the shame of his devious intentions, that's the gamble she's willing to take. the soul of an angel never dies no matter how dark the demons, she's declaring she'll still dance with him, just not his demons ;) "... You may think that she doesn't matter, but no one knows you better....." XoXo

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