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Hallelujah cover Hallelujah by Edge Da Prodigy, RJ Ros

When I wrote this track I felt extremely thankful to God for not letting me sink too deep into the street side of my sinful life. This song is a letter to the listener letting him/her know Im thankful to God because I might not even be able to be tolerable if it wasnt for Jesus. I also make it clear I always have good intentions but I have a blunt and straight way of talking so the truth can hurt now not later so we can grow as fast as possible. The discomfort I feel or the people who are effected by me feel will push us closer to the Lord who in essence is the only one who is going to love us the right way. He is calling out to us to go to Him. The end of the song leaves the listener with the option to make that choice where they are no longer influenced by the negative but stepping up and choosing Faith in God to get through.

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