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Thoughts by hElLo

Don't Start Now cover Don't Start Now by Dua Lipa

Miss Dua is talking about a guy who she broke up with, and now that she's meeting new people he's acting like her boyfriend, and she says "If you don't wanna see me dancing with somebody / If you wanna believe that anything could stop me / Don't show up / Don't come out / Don't start caring about me now". he doesn't wanna see her with other men. and she tells him to "not care about her now"

Malchik Gay cover Malchik Gay by t.A.T.u.

this song is about a girl who is in love with a gay boy - Mal'chik Gay (this translates to "Gay Boy"). she longs for him to hold her like his boyfriend does him. pretty simple)))

A Million Voices cover A Million Voices by Polina Gagarina

this song is about equality - we are all the same (but different). this song is about waking up and realizing our wrongs (like racism, sexism, etc.). it is a beautiful song that everyone should hear. we are all stars!

Never Let You Go cover Never Let You Go by Dima Bilan

this sounds like a failed relationship where he can't get the woman out of his head. they broke up, he still loves her. her feelings for him have cooled down, and he still loves much. like the song title - he can't let her go.

Garden cover Garden by Dua Lipa

it sounds like this song is about a relationship that was full of sins. you sin - you leave the garden of Eden. the Garden of Eden is where Adam and Eve roamed until Adam sinned and ate the fruit of the tree, then was kicked out for his sin. so when she says "Are we leaving this garden of Eden?" she is saying "have we sinned and must be punished?". or at least this is what i believe, i am not good at this kind of stuff.

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