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Dark Passenger cover Dark Passenger by Motionless in White

Previous miw songs have been about film, myth and crime. Namely Scissorhands, Undead ahead and London in terror. So this along with the song emphasizing the lines "Born in blood" and the title line makes it seem quite likely, when considering the repetition of those phrases in seasons 4 and 5, that the song is about the show "Dexter". They fit each other perfectly and the show has the dark vibe with an overall sense of impending inescapable misery that would fit the bill for something that may interest the band. Furthermore it was a popular show. Also "break the cycle" is both a phrase used in the series and a title for a song of the same album although I attribute that to coincidence. Also it may be noteworthy to some, although a tangent, if anyone has heard "Downfall of Gaia - These wet feathers won't dry on their own" as a one song instead of being split in half then you may also of heard the seemingly random dialogue in the middle which it turns out is from series five episode 8 of Dexter. About 19 and a bit minutes in.

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