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Poet cover Poet by Bastille

A beautiful song about a writer's ability to give immortality to someone through literature. In this song, it is given as a gift to someone the writer loved.

Haunt cover Haunt by Bastille

This is a highly metaphorical song. I picture it as someone looking back on their life and seeing if their past self would be proud of their choices. If not, then that past self will haunt them. It is told from the point of view of the person's younger self. He's saying "I will see you there" with all the consequences of your decisions and "I will try to love you."

Like Real People Do cover Like Real People Do by Hozier

This song gives me chills every time. The literal meaning alone is fascinating. It's about someone realizing that their partner has a dark past and quickly deciding that he doesn't want to find out what it is. Because in the end, those dark paths brought them together and who are they to question the happiness that came from it.

From Eden cover From Eden by Hozier

A love song written from the point of view of the Devil as he professes his obsessive love for with a woman (Eve?) he knows is too good for him. He finds her innocence and simplicity enchanting, maybe because he sees something in her that he lost long ago when he fell from grace.

God Made Man cover God Made Man by Young the Giant

To me this song is about accepting your choices whether you are proud of them or not. It's about findings peace with where your actions have brought you and knowing that you are in control when your eyes open up to the sunrise every day. The repetition of "God made man and his reason" (sometimes changed to "for some reason" when the band plays it live) to me points out that we are creatures of thought more than any other animal on the planet. We are the only species that tried to justify our actions.

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