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Reminds Me Of You cover Reminds Me Of You by Juice WRLD, The Kid LAROI

In a relationship, when there is one sided love it ends with great loss and hurts a lot. You can’t forget those moments either. Whether it’s a serious relation or not, memories are always saved. In this song, the person who is singing is in deep distress and showing his love for the ex. He is unable to forget that time and it is difficult for him to escape from memories. Whatever he tries to do reminds him of his lover. This is why the person is unable to move on.

None of Your Love cover None of Your Love by Lil Tjay

This song is basically from the perspective of a person who has finally moved on. He is saying that he was very deeply in love with the girl. He would have done anything and everything she asked him to do. He was even ready to get married. But now he realizes how dumb the girl was to take his love for granted. He has finally gotten rid of all the love he had for the girl. This is why he is saying "i don't want none of your love"

July cover July by Noah Cyrus

The singer is talking about her own life. This track is actually about Cyrus being emotionally entangled in a toxic relationship. She says falling in love with this person, she still lacks the ability to move on. She just can’t seem to quit the romance and move forward with her life. This is due to her being afraid of change. So despite obviously being with someone whose words and actions are negatively affecting her self-esteem, she continues the relationship. And the intimation isn’t so much that she is doing so for love. In fact while trying to convince her partner that they should separate, she convinced him with the idea of being able to find someone that loves him better than she does.

I Need You Christmas cover I Need You Christmas by Jonas Brothers

This song is very relevant to the times and situation now days. In this pandemic, everyone has had to experience very tough times and situations. Because of social distancing, people were unable to meet with their families and friends for months. This created a sense of loneliness and depression in them. Jonas brothers are addressing that emotion in this song. They are saying that in these sad times, we need some uplifting event or occasion. This is why we need Christmas.

Before You Go cover Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi

This song is talking about the impact of suicides of closed ones on the people left behind. There are many incidences when you start blaming yourself for the suicide of your loved ones. because you believe that you could've done more. This song is basically expressing that guilt and regret. You try to hate the person that left you, but eventually start hating yourself for not doing better, or for not realizing what that person was going through emotionally.


This song is quite interesting because it keeps us thinking who the culprit is and who the victim is. The singer says that his girlfriend is accusing him of cheating and being unfaithful. But the singer only says "I thought I was faithful". This can be taken in two ways. The first meaning that can be interpreted from this is that he was actually faithful and honest. The other meaning is that he believed that his actions were honest, but maybe he was only fooling himself.

Somebody’s Problem cover Somebody’s Problem by Morgan Wallen

In this song, Morgan Wallen is basically just willingly going into a relationship that he knows won't work out. He is falling in love with a beautiful girl. But he knows some things about her past. He knows that she has broken several hearts before. She is "somebody's problem", meaning that there are people who are either still in love with her or have been destroyed by her somehow. But despite all that, he cannot help but fall in love. He is willingly making this "problem" his own.

Man's World cover Man's World by MARINA

The singer of this song is highlighting a very important issue in this song. She is talking about the oppression women have to face in this world, which she is referring to as a "Man's world". She is saying that men believe that they have control over everything. They try to oppress the women thinking they are weak. The are basically defying mother nature like this. She is saying that this type of world is not acceptable to her. She wants a world where men and women are considered equal.

Feel Something cover Feel Something by Armin van Buuren ft. Duncan Laurence

In this song, we get to see what real pain and heartbreak really looks like. The singer's pain is conveyed through the lyrics in a very masterful and emotional way. Lyrics like "Pain is what happens with left over love" show that while love may be a strong emotion, but the feeling of heartbreak is even stronger. But an interesting thing to note is that the singer does not want the pain to go away for some reason. He is saying that "I'd rather feel something than be numb". This is not the kind of approach most people take towards pain, which is why I find this lyric the most intriguing.

Fallin’ (Adrenaline) cover Fallin’ (Adrenaline) by Why Don't We

This is the type of love everyone wishes for in my opinion. You know that feeling when you look at someone and you get those butterflies in your stomach. You get this adrenaline rush that makes all your senses very heightened. It is this feeling that the singer is talking about in this song. For me, something that really stood out is the fact that the singer is still having insecurities despite the feeling of love. This I think is what makes this song super realistic.

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