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Wreckin' Ball cover Wreckin' Ball by Miley Cyrus

I'm intrigued by this song. She throws herself full-force into a relationship, emphasis on "force," with the intention of her man letting her in. Then she comes to the realization that she herself should have let him in. I would love to get into her mind and find out what she really means; I'm guessing she was so intent on gaining his love and fulfilling her needs that she was, perhaps, blind to him and how he loves and what he needs. While she still loves him, the relationship as it is currently being played out is mutually destructive, so she runs, still loving. What would have happened if she would have let him in?

Shadowlands cover Shadowlands by Rebecca St. James

Many people think that when they become Christians, all their problems will disappear--they certainly don't get that from the Bible! This song points out accurately that God says we will have difficult times, but that He will be there for us. When you're going through those hard times--what Rebecca calls the Shadowlands--sometimes all we have left is that divine promise. She reminds us that God will stay with us, walking together through the dark valley into the light. It's an amazing promise.

I Will Be Here cover I Will Be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman

This beautiful song carries such a strong message, which is probably why it's so popular at weddings. This takes "for better and for worse" to a whole new level. Most of it is self-explanatory, but don't you just love the comparison between changing seasons and the changing years of life--both are intentional, both are part of the beauty of life. And as age takes away what the world considers "beauty," Chapman describes it as growing in beauty--faithfulness, devotion, deep beauty that sometimes only love can see. It brings tears to my eyes! Beautiful!

In a Little While cover In a Little While by Amy Grant

We've all had those throw-in-the-towel days, the kind that make you want to give it all up. In Amy's song, she sees two letters. The first is from a friend reminding her of the ultimate goal--heaven. The second is from God, with the same reminder, that heaven is our home, and we're only here to learn to serve Him. She bemoans how often she forgets this important truth, but isn't that how it is for all of us! Oldie, but a goodie.

Pardon My Dust cover Pardon My Dust by Chris Rice

This is a beautiful concept that fits the "Please be patient; God's not finished with me yet" mantra. Too often in the church Christians can get judgmental, forgetting that Christ came for sinners, not for saints. Rice's song is a great reminder that we ALL have left burned bridges, relationship rubble, and life messes. It's a call to fellow Christians to stop shaking fingers and instead extend a hand to help a brother out. Great song!

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