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Happy Song cover Happy Song by Bring Me the Horizon

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Happy Song cover Happy Song by Bring Me the Horizon

For me, this song is about depression, and thoughts arond other mental illnesses. In the song the lead singer sing "I`ve hav enough, there`s a voice in my head, says I`m better left dead. " Whitch to me sounds like he`s suicidal. And then they sing "But if I sing along, a little f***ing loud to a happy song, I`ll be allright. So if you`ve experienced depression you would know that singing to a happy song will not make you feel better. "Just sing relly loud to a happy song, you`ll be just fine!" Is something litterally EVERYONE with no exerience around depression will say to a depressed person. I hope this made some sence..

Let It Burn cover Let It Burn by Red

I think that the beaty of this song is that you can give it your own meaning. Some people thinks that it`s about war. For me it`s more about the pain everyone goes through once in a while. About loosing someone close to you, or those who die every day.

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