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A to Z cover A to Z by Kama Tala

The guy writes about being alive and I think it’s celebrating the good things in life and mocking some of the selfish petty stuff we are absorbed with. I like this one. Good guitar

Roads cover Roads by Kama Tala

This guy writes lots of subtle love songs. The instrumentation is very good here and the lyrics fit the mood for me. The road is symbolic for a way out of a life once shared, or a road in from the outside. I don’t understand the words at the end. This is definitely a love song and we’ll done

Sultans cover Sultans by Kama Tala

I don’t think there is much lyrically here. The music is good but the substance is a cheesy love song 1950 throwback.

The Wayside cover The Wayside by Kama Tala

This song was pretty interesting to break down. I think at its root it is about fighting and making up and about the book scarlet letter. The writer says I forgive you at the end and it seems like they want an apology back but never get it. That’s why the ending says “if I don’t see you again in this life I suppose I don’t see you on the other side”. Neat song

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