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My Heart Lied cover My Heart Lied by Five Finger Death Punch

There's more than one emotion meaning going on one i saw. What i think when i hear this song may or may not be intended but its Emotion; I see a Young Adult man who goes to war battles through hell on earth, and comes home to his wife cheating on him. A suffering so subtle and misunderstood. ( could probably say more but i wasn't expecting to type a paragraph in depth My words to any veteran who had this happen. its not your fault they hit you hard they never will see the satisfaction of ever handling such a courage you endured or are enduring. (I put this there, as a representation of one of many ways how fucked up life can treat you when you compare that to sheltered pieces of spoiled trash who need to Fucking Grow the Fuck Up.) You Deserve to feel happy. Not only is it your Right you ensured it one way or another God Herself Nor Lucifer Himself will never see the satisfaction of taking that From you. (That Last bit is Complex don't Freak it "Crayon" i mean well make sure you pay attention to those capital letters they mean something.) a Picture Below i picked from google images to Describe a possible Feeling that would match the songs situation on how i described. i do not sweet talk i stated this whole thing neutrally you can give me shit if you want however this was my own stated opinion about this its a great song and a great band all out \../

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