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Loft Music cover Loft Music by The Weeknd

Loft music is Abel's way of introducing the good girl that he's falling in love with, his toxic and exhilarating lifestyle. His loft is a place of sweet sin. She likes to tease him with her flirty attitude, but it isn't working for him. He knows that she likes to tease, but he's going to change all of that. He is going to introduce her to a world of real pleasure. He also explains that fake love comes along with the fame. Women only seek his affection if it benefits them. He also knows how to get the perfect high. He wants to show her all his lifestyle can offer. He wants it badly. Towards the end of the song his voice changes from sure and demanding to vulnerable and utterly disappointed. He knows everything she does. He isn't afraid to let her know that he knows everything. But he will not fall out of love so easily. The journey has just begun.

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