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The Chemicals Between Us cover The Chemicals Between Us by Bush

I've read so many other interpretations of this song, and they go into these deep the dead talking to the living and so on. I hear a statement from one lover to another that, both are using a drug and that one is affected and destroying what's left of a love that was and still has a chance, but the other is blindly ,deaf to the destruction or just chooses to carry on. I feel that it's more accurate, to summarize my conclusion, is "I want you to remember, I want you to surrender" one sees the problem, "the chemicals between us" "there is no lonlier place than lying in this bed" one is obviously not there as in gone out, or there but the emotional part of them is not, "than we are the hollow man" and to all my lovers,lovers,...."the walls that deceive us" I know I jumped around a bit but this insight is not just my interpretation. This comes from Gavin himself I met him and I said this song reminds me of that last 2 women I dated that used as well I did to, they couldn't handle it, the coming down and keeping it together he said that is exactly it ,he said he put in the power of children can amaze as in focus on your kids and not being chaotic .cool song.true story.

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