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Summer of '69 cover Summer of '69 by Bryan Adams

It's about the summer of '69' -the time that he was with that freak of a girl that always wanted to do it '69' style. -(a guy & a girl in the 'north/south' position) And "got my first 6 string" -meaning he lost his virginity for the first time. "we were young and restless" -man how much more obvious could it get with the sexual reference. And then when he says "sometimes when I play that old 6 string" -now when he does the 'four knuckle shuffle' by him self he fantasizes about her and their '69er' escapades.

Drive That Fast cover Drive That Fast by Kitchens of Distinction

The song implies that he doesn't want to just jump in the sack with her and hit it like she wants him too. She is obviously a 'fast' girl with no scruples and no inhibitions. He says "you now have time, you now have will" meaning she should take time to get to know him and utilize her will to 'know' him and not her sexual 'will' to get that summer sausage that she craves. "I would never want to 'DRIVE' that fast -meaning hit it & quit it and just 'drive' into her like she's a pin cushion. "I would never want to 'do that to you'." And "Take me Away from these simple feelings" -take me away from these 'simple' earthly fleshy feelings of sexual lust and her craving bananas and sausage.

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