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Valerie cover Valerie by The Weeknd

I can interpret this 2 ways 1. The most common interpretation: He doesn't love her, he only says he loves her cause "nobody's gonna know if it's true" That she knows he cheats but accepts it because "You'd rather this than be alone" He hasn't reached that time in a man's life when he must take responsibility, the time to do & say certain things. I'm sure he's talking about being honest even though it may hurt someone. 2. He loves Valerie and feels bad about cheating, that's why he hesitates - but it's the behavior he knows & is comfortable with. He knows Valerie is aware he cheats & stays because she'd rather pretend than be alone. This is where you can take the 1st verse abt a time in a man's life & interpret it differently that his hesitation is because he loves her & the time in a man's life to do & say certain things mean he needs to change his behavior to love & honor this woman who has stayed with him. I'll leave it to you to decide which interpretation you like better.

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