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Ten Tonne Skeleton cover Ten Tonne Skeleton by Royal Blood

This song seems to me to be inspired by the book, The Queen of The Damned by Anne Rice. "She drank my blood" sounds like when Lestat receives the singular honor of the Queen, the first vampire, Akasha, waking up and drinking from him when she usually just sat there like a statue and let others drink from her or destroyed them if she disapproved. "Got high from a holy vein." Sounds like when Lestat drinks from the statue-like queen and described the feeling of it as one might describe a drug experience. "Holy" vein would describe the worshipful reverence with which Marius keeps the queen and her consort, Enkil, as well as Akasha waking in the 80s and trying to become a goddess to humans. Then, there are references to the two cold statues Akasha and Enkil, to Akasha waking and running off, to Akasha's long romance with Marius and her leaving him for dead, to the "Secret" of Akasha's existence which he guarded with his vampire life, and Maybe even to the title Blood and Gold, the story of Marius and his 2,000 year subtle and strange relationship with Akasha.

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