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Warship My Wreck cover Warship My Wreck by Marilyn Manson

For sure, in my opinion, Manson's most meaningful and deepest song. This song is very different in terms of the song itself, and the meaning. When he says, "You're a paper doll. I fold you how I want. You're not my news. I tie these knots", what I'm hearing is that nobodies opinions matter or bother him and he'll think and believe differently than everyone else if he so wants to. "Cannot say, "I'm breaking the rules"? If I can, I'd glue em back together". He is saying that he doesn't believe that he is breaking any "rules" by believing or doing what he is doing, and if he is, then everyone should just accept it. "Scars on my fingers, bruises by neck. Crashin' my chains, warship my wreck". Perhaps the most important lyrics in the song. What I hear is that everyone can put him down, blame him, and hurt him all they want. But he doesn't care. He is saying "worship my wreck" to everyone, meaning that everyone should just accept him and what he has done and what he will do and become. In other words, he is saying, "worship me", because "warship my wreck" really just means "worship my wreck", "wreck" meaning all of his mistakes and doings. So worship all of his mistakes, in other words. "Cut the hands off. Then kamikaze into your soul. Kamikaze into your soul". He says shut the fu*k up about his doings and his past and just leave me alone if you won't accept me. I could go on, but this is just my interpretation of the song. There are many different ways to think of this song. Either way, it's an amazing song with a deep, deep, deep meaning. Manson's best.

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