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Lesson Learned cover Lesson Learned by Ray LaMontagne

This song I feel is basically a confused man who's cheated on someone he loves. He's confused mainly because he's aware the woman he loves knew but hasn't said anything nor changed How she acts. "That you never saw the signs, That you never lost your grip, Oh come on now.." Now he wears the "brand of traitor" when he says "it's so clear I was so obviously framed" I believe that his guiltiness has been framed. The woman he loves has not done nor said anything which makes him feel worse and his guilt is framed not the affair/ or relationship with the other woman. "Now you act so surprised to hear what you already know" After she (finds out) she still "holds him close and hard" which is where his confusion shows again. "I was like a statue at first refusing to aknowledge you've been hurt" guilt doesn't show at first but in the final verse we see in the end he feels guilty. He has betrayed her, but she "has stole him from the sorrow he has earned." The title of this song "Lesson Learned" shows that his lesson wasn't only to never cheat again and that mistakes happen...but mainly that his lesson was to be be like her. The woman he loved. A better person. Accepting and loyal.

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