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Huge JoJo fan. He/Him. alt: @dudeface24 | https://t.co/cbr93ii57n… | Banner by @Yoru_Akumu #Anitwt

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GABAGOOL cover GABAGOOL by Gabagool Productions

"GABAGOOL" Truly signifies this Narrator's hunger for italian food. It seems he hasn't eaten in quite a large amount of years, to the brink of where he must mention that he's "Feeling kinda hungry, not gonna lie." He details about how much he wants some capicola, (also known as Gabagool), spaghetti, fettucini, linguini, and some unnamed pasta. At the end of the song it seems that he finally got the food he deserved, mentioning that it "Tasted kinda good". Truly beautiful storytelling.

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