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You There cover You There by Aquilo

I forgot to add the part "uncover your eyes" meaning look what you have became/become(ing) look at everything. Another way of saying this life is worth living, don't leave the ones you love, for what ever reason it may be... You are better off here.

You There cover You There by Aquilo

I believe by the lyrics and music video they fit well. I think the meaning of the song is that a loved one is lost, by death maybe a suicide and he wrote the song I'm rememberence. The lyrics saying "you there, you're better off here" meaning don't leave don't commit suicide or such. Then it says " there is no sun, where is your direction" meaning they lost there light, they did/didn't no where to go or what to do. "Ask yourself, where is your reflection" meaning to ask the person who they really are and what do you see, did you lose yourself do you know who you are, did you go astray from who you are? That is just what I got from the lyrics and music video, I'm not saying this is 100% accurate. Just my interpretation.

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