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Another Love cover Another Love by Tom Odell

The worst think you can ever be, is heartbroken and so empty that you will have no idea what to do with your life. As he clearly says, tears have been used up, hurt so many times that there is no more room for feelings. He got to a point where he would do anything for someone, but he was already broken so many times that the only thing left was his voice, and he used it marvelously in this song.

Maps cover Maps by Maroon 5

He trusted her. There is nothing worse than getting backstabbed by the one you love the most, or worse, from the person you trust the most. He does feel regret for doing whatever he even thought of doing but he is hurt the most by the fact that she did not trust them, she did not help him and the worst fact that she was not there for him when he needed her the most. The whole song is a broken heart.

Blank Space cover Blank Space by Taylor Swift

Imagine if a girl told you this, what will your first thought be? She clearly doesn't care that the media is trash talking about her and her exes and that they might call her insane. She is perfectly fine with the fact that she will hurt you no matter what happens. Makes you want to think twice before trying to make a move with this type of girl, doesn't it.

Thinking out Loud cover Thinking out Loud by Ed Sheeran

Singing about true love. No matter how much time passes , he will still love as if its the first day. I think he is singing about how weird love can be, how it can find a way to reach out to two people and connected them into a magical harmony. Sometimes it can be so good that it won't matter about age or place, the only thing it will matter is that they have each other.

Loyal cover Loyal by Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne, Tyga

Classic modern society bragging. You have money ? You will have anything. Singing about how women only look for money, don't even care for looks, it promotes a strong feeling of the "Look at me i am rich and i can do anything" status. Sometimes i am just too fed up by such lyrics, but, the truth sometimes hurts.

Don't cover Don't by Ed Sheeran

He trusted her. This is the original story, of how it all happened in his real life. I feel sad that this has happened to him but at least he has learnt a valuable lesson to not give his trust to anyone, no matter how famous / unfamous they are. Deep meaning lyrics, it is amazing

Candy cover Candy by Robbie Williams

Talk about a powerful song. Especially when it describes girls who think so highly of themselves they become lost in it and fail to realize that they are already seeing more than enough guys at any given time. Always trust Robbie to put the word out there and try to encourage such women to "relax" a little and play cool sometimes, and stop looking for that white knight, while jumping from horse to horse.

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