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Crazy cover Crazy by Shawn Mendes

What I think of when I listen to this song is that the person believed that they did not need anyone else in their life apart from themselves. You are able to see this in the line "Think I don't need a watch to tell the time." This shows that he does not think that he needs materialistic things to help him do the simplest of things in life. That is until he realises that there is someone who likes him and that they have been waiting for him. You can see the character change in the lyrics themselves as near the end of the song he changes the lyrics to "Guess I need a watch to tell the time." This shows that he is beginning to realise that maybe he does need someone else in his life in order for him not to be lonely and have someone who loves him enough. At the end of the song he is talking about the someone who he is singing about and is telling them that they do not have to wait any longer to be with him. Showing that he has finally realised that he likes them as well, meaning that he has been having the crazy feeling towards them. His voice just puts more emotion behind all of the lyrics as he sings, with the simplistic guitar in the background really shows off his vocal talent and writing skills.

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