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Creep cover Creep by Radiohead

I'm fairly sure everyone knows what this song is about i'd however like to tell my personal experience with this song. So first day of the new schoolyear this girl catches my eye and she is literally the prettiest girl i've had the delight to ever lay eyes on. But she always was with this guy and i thought they were dating i later found out they weren't. Eventually i had chemistry with her which i wasn't aware of. I sat next to her in the back of the class by this point i already knew she was in fact dating some other guy i was kinda sad at this point since my thoughts were already taking off and i just imagined me and her holding eachother and being in love. So i sit next to her normally im pretty confident but i just couldn't bring out a word since she is so beautiful i knew about the song creep and that it pretty much fitted perfectly for this situation cause why would she ever want to talk too me right. After class was over i rode my bike home with my headphones on listening to creep and for the first time in my life i teared up over a girl while she doesn't even know my name i have been in relationships but such sublime looks it just struck me so hard. I don't know why i went crazy over her i still see her occasionally at school i pretty much gave up at this point but when you really see that angel that radiohead is describing it is mesmerizing and an insane feeling. Creep tells this tale perfectly

Moving On cover Moving On by Kodaline

It's about meeting someone so enchanting that they have a huge impact on you even when you don't have the littlest clue what their name is. You got and lost her and years go by you forget her but somehow you are reminded of her you see her and remember why you had all these feelings cause its the most beautiful person you've ever met. Something along those lines the first 2 sentences of the song are amazing too me cause i have experienced this and you just make an entire relationship up just by seeing her smile/eyes or whatever enchanting feature they have cause in your head you are holding her hand and sharing your deepest feelings.

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