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Gravity cover Gravity by A Perfect Circle

Can't agree more with HyBreeD, this song is the "pay-dirt" of the album showing how the subject (likely Keenan) finally made the choice to abandon addiction and overcome his demons to fight on and never go back. Probably the most uplifting song Keenan has contributed and has helped me through many difficult days. Thank you APC and Keenan.

Lullaby cover Lullaby by A Perfect Circle

Sort of an intermission song that keeps you on the edge of wondering if the addiction won the last struggle or if the original personality will maintain.

Pet cover Pet by A Perfect Circle

This is clearly a attempt of the addiction to try to take control of the underlying personality again, continuing the battle over self control and addiction taking hold.

The Nurse Who Loved Me cover The Nurse Who Loved Me by A Perfect Circle

Your guess is as good as mine. I think maybe this is about how the addictive personality can transfer from one source (drugs) to a new source (helping hand) and how obsession can influence post addiction relationships.

Crimes cover Crimes by A Perfect Circle

More inner battles with the addictive personality, sort of a count to 10 concept before doing anything rash or falling back on previous habits.

A Stranger cover A Stranger by A Perfect Circle

I believe this is about the inner soul fighting to overcome the addictive "demon" and the purity of the person before becoming a slave to the addiction trying to get away and come to the surface.

Blue cover Blue by A Perfect Circle

I think this represents the realization of how an addiction is affecting others around you and how friendships are being lost in the process because of the addiction.

The Noose cover The Noose by A Perfect Circle

I read somewhere previously that this song is a representation of the anger against another who, during their course of addiction, did harm to others and through recovery found peace and forgiveness for themselves but from an outside view the penance and redemption can never redeem someone who so blatantly allowed their addiction to impact others and for whom no redemption is merited. That meaning to this song fits for me and I would assume is a common perception of newly acknowledged addict, though I am not likely at this stage of recovery personally.

Weak and Powerless cover Weak and Powerless by A Perfect Circle

A continuation of the desperate desire to pursue whatever source of addiction we have. This song really defines the desire and overwhelming control an addictive source can have on the psyche. Whether "addicted" or not, everyone has a weakness, even if we don't give in to the temptation.

This one perfectly describes the overwhelming need an addict feels to obtain their drug of choice. "Someone feed the monkey while i dig in search of China white as Dracula as i approach the bottom" references a heroin/opiate addicts tireless endless need for the drug. China white is aka fentanyl or a very pure form of heroin. "Tilling my own grave to keep me level" refers to an addict knowing they are killing themselves slowly, but they need the drug to just get by, to feel 'normal'. Getting high is no longer the objective. Feeling normal and staving off dope sickness/withdrawal is now the number one priority. Great song that has a very foreboding message. Trust me, I've been there.

The Package cover The Package by A Perfect Circle

To me this describes the addicts mind when they are seeking out their "fix". Whatever it may be, sex, drugs, social dominance, whatever. This song represents the pursuit of the core object feeding any addition.

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