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Heroes cover Heroes by MIKA

Sorry if this makes no sense. MIKA wrote this song about a cab driver he once met who told MIKA about how he had fought in war. He said that he had no physical injuries in the war so everyone said he was lucky, but they didn't understand that he was broken on the inside from the things he'd seen. I think that's where the line "And you don't understand why no one else can see" came from. The man told MIKA that he sometimes wanted to die because of how traumatized he was which i guess is where the line "Walk with the devil in your head, You would think you were better off dead" came from.

By the Time cover By the Time by MIKA

I think that this song is about someone's lover suddenly committing suicide, especially because of the lines "Shame, such a beautiful, beautiful young life" and "Why did you have to go and leave all this stuff behind". The "Don't wake up won't wake up can't wake up, no don't wake me up" bit is about how the singer doesn't want to believe it's true. He kind of just wants to sleep forever to forget. When he says "How am I supposed to care" he is saying that if he is asleep, he'll be unconscious or "In the blissful unaware". I basically interpret the song as a story about MIKA's lover committing suicide while he was unaware (maybe while he was asleep because of the line, "It's the early morn, Lights flick on, Sleepy eyes peek through the blinds at something wrong, Motionless remains the mess") and he doesn't want to face the facts and believe it's true so he pretends that he's dreaming.

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