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My Love cover My Love by Sia

My interpretation of My Love, is that Sia is singing about a love more powerful than any other. The line "leave yourself behind" is supposed to represent the lover putting her first. She often mentions in the song that the love has made her stronger, and that the love between the two of them has taught her honour. In the line "in peace you'll go" it gives me the assumption that the lover has left her, whether it be in a break up, or in a distance, or even in the lover's death. I can also back this (slightly morbid) idea up with the line "beat inside me" where she is requesting their love forever more; it is as though something has happened to damage this perfect love that she felt. I hope this was helpful!

20 Dollar Nose Bleed cover 20 Dollar Nose Bleed by Fall Out Boy

I think that the song may be about someone that may have been lost by the singer. The person that has left may have been in a position that affected the singer's life. The singer wants to be let back into the subject of the song's life, and is infuriated that they have not yet been let in. They wonder what would happen if they contacted the person being sung about again, and can't decide whether they should or not. They want to explain things, and don't want an anonymous person merely known as "the doctor" to interfere. They pretend to enjoy being alone, and am trying to persuade the subject of the song that they do. They also wonder if the person being sung about wants to escape the life that they live and disappear, whether that be death, running away, or leaving a partner.

Ghosts cover Ghosts by James Vincent McMorrow

This song is about someone who has finally realised that they are inconsequential to the world they live in, and I have inferred this from the line "we are ghosts amongst these hills". The hills mentioned in the same line are a metaphor for the troubles of the singer. I also believe that the line "a bird without it's wings is a low and a tragic thing" is linked to my earlier thoughts as they cannot effect their situation, or escape it, much like a grounded bird. "The mountain song" is the sounds of the world around them, and the animalistsic feelings that the singer seems to be feeling. So, to summarise everything above (James) feels much like a caged animal, who has no power over it's fate, and cannot escape it's destiny, or the bars that it is held behind.

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